History Of Martial Art


Budo Martial Art covers a range of activities that involve fighting techniques, physical exercises, and methods of mental discipline, among other skills. Martial arts originated in the ancient cultures of Asia, and are used today around the world for self-defense, exercise , health, spiritual growth, law enforcement, and athletic competition.

Budo Martial Art was originated in the ancient cultures of Asia, including China, Nepal,India and Japan more than 2,000 years ago and have since grown to about 200 individual types practiced by about 100 million people worldwide. Martial arts are practiced all over the world, and styles vary from region to region. From China, martial arts spread to other Asian countries, and eventually arrived in Japan, where many new variations developed

Some scholars trace the development of martial arts much later to the sixth century. According to legend, that is when a Buddhist monk from India named Bodhidharma brought Buddhism, yoga exercises, and meditation techniques to the Shaolin Monastery in China. Buddhism is believed to have introduced breathing methods, meditation, and techniques of mental and spiritual awareness to the early founders of martial arts


  • Martial arts teach self-defense, and can improve confidence and self-esteem.
  • When used as exercise.Martial arts can improve balance, strength, stamina, flexibility, and posture.
  • They also enhance weight loss and improve muscle tone.
  • On the mental level, martial arts can teachstress management, improve concentration, and increase willpower.
  • Some martial arts, such as qigong and t'ai chi, are used for longevity, disease prevention, and healing purposes, making them effective exercises for those with health conditions and for the elderly.
  • Some teachers claim that martial arts can be used as spiritual practices, bringing balance, peace, and wisdom to dedicated practitioners.
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