BMF Titles & Official Instructor Licenses


BMF Titles


Budo Martial Arts, BMF is alone in granting title in all the Martial Arts. In India titles are awarded only with in the arts that employ traditional weapons. However, BMF members who qualify through outstanding dedication and leadership may be selected from any division.

Minimum rank, 4th Dan. Ability to teach practical methods and basic techniques, Proven dedication to Budo through long term teaching experience. Written essay or publication required. Similar to the title, Bachelor of Arts

Minimum of two years since promotion to 6th Dan Renshi title holder. Outstanding knowledge of the traditions and methods of Budo. Demonstrated excellence of technique and teaching methods. Written essay or publication required. Similar to the title, Master of the fine Arts.

Minimum rank of 8th Dan. 50 years of age. Kyoshi title holder. Individual of outstanding moral and personal character. Proven leadership and exceptional contribution to Budo. Deep understanding of the techniques, history and spirit of the Martial Arts. Written essay or publication required. Similar to the title, Doctor of Philosophy.

Individual that has attained the highest rank of 10th Dan. Awarded by a special board of examiners. The term Meijin translates to "Grand Master".

Minimum rank of 7th Dan, Kyoshi. The term Shihan translates to "Chief Instructor".

The leader of style, or school (Ryu), who has assumed leadership through inheritance. This title is not awarded or related to BMF.


Official Instructor License

Budo Martial Arts Federation, BMF Official Instructor License (OIL) is granted to qualified individuals in recognition of his/her experience and expertise as a teacher. The Official Instructor License must be renewed every 3 years in order for it to remain valid. Official Instructor License requirements and patch color:

G. S1
Minimum rank Hanshi 8th Dan. (yellow patch)

G. 1
Minimum rank Kyoshi 7th Dan. Four years after receiving G. S2. (yellow patch)

G. S2
Minimum rank Kyoshi 7th Dan. (red patch)

G. 2
Minimum rank Kyoshi 6th Dan. (red patch)

G. 3
Minimum rank Renshi 4th or 5th Dan. (blue patch)

G. 4
Minimum rank 4th Dan. (blue patch)

G. 5
Minimum rank 3rd Dan. (green patch)

Official Examiners will be selected from among Official Instructor License holders of each division and appointed by BMF Headquarters INDIA.

BMF Promotion Regulations and Schedules